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There are a lot of popular gambling games today, and craps casino is one of the most popular among them. The players one by one roll the dice. The winner is found up the final combination. become known. As for the rules of the game, they are rather simple. Dice are well-known all over the World, as on the table the bets are placed on the number of points.

Basic rules of craps casino for casino

The thrower is the player who throws the dice. The result of the fight is figured out up to the number he got. The most winning casino craps rules and strategy:

  1. Pass Line can be considered the most popular craps casino bet. It is placed after an announcement of the new round. There are such winning combinations as 11 or 7. The player would lose his bet in case of 3,2 or 12;
  2. Odds on Pass Line. Basically it’s an additional bet that can be done by each player. For each combination there are different payouts;
  3. Come. The presented rate differs from the Pass Line in that it is possible at any moment of the craps. Such combination as 7 or 11 brings the winning.

With the advent of online casinos, craps is being introduced on virtual platforms. The number of players can be arbitrary. The sequence is determined depending on the connection queue. The dice are thrown with the mouse; numbers drop out randomly. This eliminates the possibility of cheating, dice substitutions or incorrect throws.

Open craps casino

craps casino

Open or cash craps is a type of game that cannot be found in legal land-based and online casinos today. The peculiarity of this type is that the participants can make bets not only with the shooter, but also among themselves. There is a whole list of side bets against the player. Those bets that are unacceptable between participants can be made at the bookmaker for an additional contribution.

Tips and tricks of craps casino

In order to successfully place bets, it is important to use the possibility of a safety net (placing chips on opposite fields). In addition, you should be guided by the frequency of the loss of certain combinations. So why not to try skills on them:

  • Know the craps casino betting options to win, the players have to know the different available betting options. But for some novice players it can be difficult task to carry out;
  • Know the basic combinations. Side bet payouts are determined by the frequency with which certain combinations of dice occur;
  • The best bet at the casino. If the player wants to enjoy the best bet at most casinos, then the player needs to know about Pass Line Side Betting.

Setting new and additional bets increases the chance of getting a reward, just like in roulette. Various specifying parameters and the ability to place chips on fields with opposite values at the same time – increase the likelihood of winning.

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