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Baccarat is an exciting card game that is a highlight in the arsenal of any casino game. Until recently, only aristocrats, millionaires, and high-ranking people were fond of the game called baccarat. James Bond, a British intelligence secret agent with a license to kill, played this game that he successfully beat at Casino Royale. And today, very large bets are typical to play baccarat online, but now this exciting game has become available to absolutely everyone.

What are the rules to play baccarat online

Baccarat is rather simple game, and here the players just have to place a bet, this game acquires a characteristic intensity, and basically it goes automatically as there are established rules, which have to be learned before the game. All the players have to carry out the main task, which is to guess who the dealer or the player is the winner as a result. Online Baccarat Canada Rules are as follows:

  1. The main goal to play baccarat online is a special combination of cards, a total number of points in which is 9 or close to it. One point is going to the ace, while cards from 2 to 9 – at face value, pictures and tens give zero points;
  2. The dealer and the player at the beginning receive two cards each. In certain cases, a third card may be issued to the player, banker, or both;
  3. The winner is the participant with 9 points wins. The player with 8 points, if an opponent gets less, wins. A third card can be taken in case if there is no 8 or 9 points.
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Up to fourteen players and three dealers can take part in American baccarat. In casinos this version of the game is the most popular.

The rule of the third card to play baccarat online

The third card rule determines when a player and/or banker is automatically dealt a third card when playing baccarat. If the player scored from 0 to 5 points with the first two cards, then he receives the third card, if he has more than 5 points, he does not receive it. The baccarat game is easy to find in many online casinos today. Players are invited to try their hand at several types of games at once. The rules are slightly different, but the essence and scheme of the game remain the same.

What are the best sites to play baccarat online

There are several benefits for online players in online gameplay. On many online Baccarat sites there are offered very generous bonuses and support programs for their players. On many online casino sites are provides free instructions on the gameplay. As for online the best Baccarat casino games for free, they are:

  • Jackpotcity with its c $ 1,600 welcome offer to play baccarat online;
  • Jackpotvillage with its c $ 1,000 welcome offer;
  • Casigo with its c $ 1100 welcome offer.

Also, on such sites for players there is an opportunity to watch the game progress with the help of a live video feed. Also there is an opportunity to communicate with live dealers via online chat. The game is simple and exciting. It is perfect for leisure time in an online casino. Moreover, this entertainment has a higher return percentage than the vast majority of slots. Therefore, in some casinos it is not even possible to wager bonuses: the player’s winning percentage is too high.

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